Motorcycle Gloves
SaFRaCE develops unique motorcycle accessories which answer your safety demands. Our products aim to protect you with comfort, flexibility and style.

After years of trials and testing various different materials and products, we have developed our

SR-128 outer layer is made of quality durable leather strategically combined with Kevlar*, high impact padding and Texalium* molds. SR-128 will protect the most vulnerable areas of your hand, while offering you the best 360 impact and abrasion available.

The are 19 high impact Texalium molds per glove. Beneath each mold, there is a thick layer of high impact padding, which do not limit hand movement nor provide discomfort.

We are the only glove to offer various different areas of protection, on the palm of the hand, without impeding hand movement and grasping.

Flexibility and comfort is of the up most importance, therefore, we carefully designed and positioned the high impact Texalium molds, high and low impact padding and stretch materials. On the palm of the hand, we have also added extra abrasion resistance layer of Kevlar sewn over and under the leather.

Our molds are made as large as possible to disburse the initial impact across it and onto the padding, thus lessening the impact across the hand.

A second continuous high impact layer has been added on the knuckle and thumb areas. The layer includes: Texalium molds, layers high impact padding, and  cowhide leather.

SR-128 is a comfortable, light weight and flexible glove which provides the protection needed to resist high impact throughout with a 360 degree protection.