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“Blending with COAMC, Achieving Win-win in the Future”— 2018 Collaborative Business Forum of COAMC’s Offices in the Yangtze River Delta

In order to comprehensively summarize the collaborative work between Bank of Dalian and COAMC’s Offices in the Yangtze River Delta, scheme for the future development idea of collaborative businesses, build the collaborative culture within the Group and promote the development of collaborative businesses, the Collaborative Business Forum themed on “Blending with COAMC, Achieving Win-win in the Future” hosted by Bank of Dalian Shanghai Branch was held in Shanghai on January 9, 2018. 48 people, including responsible people and business backbones of 16 COAMC's offices in Shanghai, were present at the meeting, and the 16 offices included COAMC's headquarters, Shanghai Branch, Zhejiang Branch, Jiangsu Branch, China United Property Insurance Company Limited, Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongxing Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Daye Trust Co., Ltd., Golden Credit Rating International Co., Ltd., Orient Bangxin Finance Holding Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Orient Ruichen Fund Management Co., Ltd., Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. and Dongxing Fortune Asset Management Company.

At the meeting, a periodic summary of the development of collaborative businesses of COAMC’s branch offices in Shanghai in 2017 was made. The representatives of all units present the meeting made speeches about the development of collaborative businesses, and reached a consensus through discussion. Since the regulation in 2018 will be stricter, all the units should, closely based on the full-license advantage of the Group, further strengthen the collaboration and cooperation, give play to the synergistic effect, actively conform to the change in regulation situation, actively transform the way of thinking, innovate on the collaborative business model and jointly start the new journey of “Blending with COAMC, Achieving Win-win in the Future”.

Xi Haibo – Deputy General Manager of COAMC’s Comprehensive Planning and Strategic Synergy Department was also present at the Forum.